The company is looking to excise money-losing parts of its business as it seeks to become profitable.

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Launched: You can now reserve your very own Aptera!

The "first edition" version of the funky 3-wheeled electric vehicle is now open for reservations.

AutoX becomes China’s first to remove safety drivers from robotaxis

Residents of Shenzhen will see truly driverless cars on the road starting Thursday.

Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestrians

It passed mainly along partisan lines, with Republicans supporting the law and Democrats opposing, calling it a job killer.

Germany is buying more electric cars than California. That's good news for Tesla.

The growth has been fueled in part by aggressive subsidies for buyers.

Bolt unveils its fourth-generation scooter

Designed by the company’s in-house hardware team, the new model focuses on safety.

General Motors Revises Future of its Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

GM is reimagining future mobility with more electric and autonomous vehicles.

Daymak unveils several high-end Canadian-made light EVs, e-bikes, UTVs, flying car

The blacked-out, sleek looking model line features six new vehicles ranging from electric bikes and covered mobility scooters to a personal flying vehicle.

A former Tesla employee who filed a whistleblower tip is paying the company $400,000 for divulging trade secrets, following a 2-year dispute with Elon Musk

The proposed settlement, which Tripp has agreed to, follows more than two years of conflict between Tripp and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Chinese team test jet engine ‘able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours’

The ‘sodramjet’ engine could offer the biggest hope so far of commercial flight reaching hypersonic speed, the scientists say.

The rise and fall of the Nikola Badger, the all-electric Cybertruck rival that never was

Nikola Motor Company's Badger all-electric pickup truck was one of the most highly anticipated products from the startup, and on the EV market as a whole.

Private autonomous vehicles: The other side of the robo-taxi story

Although private self-driving cars attract less attention than robo-taxis do, our new market model suggests that they could give OEMs opportunities for growth.

Ford reveals plans for Michigan Central, a 30-acre “mobility innovation district” in Detroit’s Corktown

Ford is building a neighborhood-anchoring 30-acre redevelopment in Detroit that will give way to an “inclusive, vibrant, and walkable mobility innovation district” centered around the restored Michigan Central Station.

Tesla Model X hacked with $195 Raspberry Pi based board

Researchers from COSIC, an security research group at the University of Leuven in Belgium, managed to hack the keyless entry system in a Tesla Model X.

Study: Basic car automation is enough to make drivers more distracted

ADAS systems lead to drivers dropping their guard.

Can Detroit Catch Tesla?

As the traditional automakers finally steer toward an all-electric future, batteries will be essential. GM hopes a second-mover advantage will let it catch up to Tesla and pass it on the straightaway.

Robotaxis get the green light for paid rides in California

The state’s public utility commission authorized two new programs to allow driverless ride-hailing.

More drama in EV land: now Karma is suing Lordstown over theft of technology

Karma Automotive decided to sue Lordstown Motors over what they allege is theft of technology.

As e-bikes boom, FuroSystems raises its first venture funding round ahead of a new model launch

With COVID-19 making commuters switch to bikes, and cities wanting cleaner air, the e-bike revolution is only just getting started. Further evidence of this is the news that today British e-bike manufacturer FuroSystems has closed its first institutional venture funding round of £750,000 with participation by TSP Ventures and European impact investment bank ClearlySo, as well as a number of angel investors.

GM Opens Up a New Front in Its Battle With Tesla: Batteries

A new $2.3 billion plant cranks out Ultium cells to power GM’s upcoming line of electric vehicles.

Nice Car, But How Do You Charge That Thing? Let Us Count The Ways

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? The question is more complicated than it seems, and that's a challenge for the auto industry.