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EV startup Bollinger Motors unveils electric chassis for Class 3 trucks

They’ll use it to develop future models and build Class 3 commercial trucks.

Tesla Autopilot System Found Probably at Fault in 2018 Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board called for improvements in the electric-car company’s driver-assistance feature and cited failures by other agencies.

G.M.’s Cruise Unveils a Self-Driving Car. Don’t Look for It on Roads.

The futuristic Origin, which seats six passengers and lacks a steering wheel, will require intensive testing and regulatory scrutiny before it can hit the streets.

The flying taxi market may be ready for takeoff, changing the travel experience forever

The market for flying cars, now known as electric air taxis, should continue to mature during this decade, soaring to $1.5 trillion globally by 2040, according to a Morgan Stanley Research study.

Electric air taxi startup Lilium completes first test of its new five-seater aircraft

The Lilium Jet will have a range of 300 kilometers and a top speed of 300 km / hour.

Infiniti Prepares for a Fancy, Electric Future With a Sleek New Concept

The newly unveiled Prototype 10 has just one seat, needs no fuel, and is a sign of where the cars of the future are headed.

Tesla’s Success in Europe Catches Industry Off Guard

The Model 3 outsold some of the most popular luxury models in recent months. BMW, Mercedes and Audi risk missing the transition to electric cars.

How we get around determines what we build, and also determines much of our carbon footprint

Transportation has a much bigger impact on urban design than we think.

This Electric Tiny Car Can Be Rented for the Price of an Electric Scooter

The 8-foot Citroën Ami seats two and has an 8-horsepower motor with a top speed of 27.9 miles per hour.

The Koenigsegg Gemera is the world’s most wickedly weird hybrid

Looking for a hybrid vehicle to help cut down on your carbon footprint? Can I suggest the new 1,700-horsepower Koenigsegg Gemera?

Electric vehicles are changing the future of auto maintenance

Moving from internal combustion to electric power does more than reduce tailpipe emissions: it will fundamentally shatter today’s auto maintenance and service sector.

Second-generation Fiat 500 grows up, goes electric, gets posh

But don't look for this one in American showrooms.

The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

Forget fast-charging. Battery swapping is back—and it's the tech of the future.

Hyundai Writes Its Own Prophecy with Concept EV

Hyundai has revealed an electric concept that it's calling the Prophecy, and it's smooth and aerodynamic in line with the company's new design language.