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U.S. senators press Biden to set end date for gas-powered car sales

California’s two U.S. senators are urging President Joe Biden to set a firm date to phase-out gas-powered passenger vehicles as the White House grapples with how to rewrite vehicle emissions rules slashed under President Donald Trump.

Hyundai unveils spaceship-inspired Staria minivan; close encounters coming soon

It's like a CES fever dream come true, and it's going on sale this year.

VW brand to halt combustion engine development

Following Audi’s lead, the Volkswagen brand VW no longer intends to develop new combustion engines. Further developments of the existing units would suffice, according to CEO Ralf Brandstätter, before VW is to become mostly electric.

This tiny car beat Tesla’s Model 3 as the best-selling EV in the world for January and February

China-based Wuling sold over 56,000 Hong Guang Mini EVs in the first two months of 2021.

World’s First Airport For Flying Cars And Drones Opens This Year

Urban Air Port has chosen to build its first Air-One transport hub for autonomous delivery drones and electric flying cars next to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK.

Rivian reveals impressive map of over 600 planned fast-charging stations and wall charger

The strategy is very reminiscent of Tesla, and that’s smart, since it’s hard to argue that the California-based automaker is not the leader in electric vehicle charging.

EV Upstart Arrival Plans $41 Million ‘Microfactory’ To Make Electric Vans For UPS

Arrival, a U.K.-based electric truck startup backed by Hyundai Motor and BlackRock, is planning a second U.S. “Microfactory” that will make battery-powered delivery vans for UPS as the company also gets ready for a Nasdaq listing.

Bjarke Ingels gives shape to the Virgin Hyperloop

The Virgin Hyperloop – a proposed mode of passenger and freight transportation – is gaining currency, aided by design ideas from BIG. ‘It’s about the destination,’ says Bjarke Ingels.

NOVA: Look Who's Driving [2019]

As self-driving cars take to the streets, investigate how they work, and if they are safe.

The Alpha Wolf EV pickup: Is there room for one more electric truck?

It's smaller and less expensive than most electric pickups announced so far.

Tesla releases video of its new electric semi truck prototype on test track

The sighting on the test track was the first time that the new electric trucks were spotted moving by their own power.

Canoo's New Pickup Truck Is The Anti-Cybertruck Because It May Actually Be A Useful Truck

The Canoo design is very much a modern take on the old cab-forward or forward control truck design, where the driver’s cab is situated over or very near the front wheels, and the hood is eliminated, with the engine either under the bed behind the cab somewhere or in a “doghouse” inside the cab.

Federal investigators blast Tesla, call for stricter safety standards

NTSB blames NHTSA and Tesla for a deadly 2019 Autopilot crash in Florida.

Amazon’s New ‘Robotaxi’ is Ready to Deliver People

“We are transforming the rider experience to provide superior mobility-as-a-service for cities. And as we see the alarming statistics around carbon emissions and traffic accidents, it’s more important than ever that we build a sustainable, safe solution that allows riders to get from point A to point B.”

Honda to sell limited batch of Level 3 self-driving cars

Honda said it will sell a limited batch of its flagship Legend sedan equipped with its Sensing Elite Level 3 autonomous driving technology that enables vehicles to navigate congested highways.

Apple could reportedly make the Apple Car without a big-name automaker as negotiations hit speed bumps

The company could use a contract manufacturer to assemble its cars, while sourcing its own parts.

Video: Announcing the Canoo Truck

EV startup Canoo takes the wraps off their multifunctional truck platform.

Level 2 systems like Tesla Autopilot can improve drivers’ attentiveness: IIHS study

Using a giant pink teddy bear dressed in a yellow high-visibility jacket, the agency was able to roughly determine if systems like GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot make drivers less attentive on the road.

This carbon-negative massive megafactory will produce an EV every 2 seconds

Ola Electric recently began construction on an electric scooter megafactory designed to produce 2 million of its 100 km/h (62 mph) electric two-wheelers per year.