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Karma GSe-6: Tesla Model S rival due in 2021 with up to 300 miles of range, $79,900 price tag

California EV startup Karma Automotive is almost ready to show us its first battery-electric car.

Volvo Is Finally Getting Serious About Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks

"Volvo Trucks is now running tests of the electric heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX trucks, which will be used for regional transport and urban construction operations in Europe."

Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia to test its futuristic transport system

The certification center will serve as the location for testing, developing, and validating the technology.

Watch: Klein Vision’s Flying Car Prototype Takes to the Skies After Driving the Road

The startup's prototype successfully completed its first flight in Slovakia last week.

Uber, Lyft drivers aren’t employees after all, California voters say

Prop 22 was the most expensive ballot measure in California history.

Roborace engineer explains why a driverless racecar drove into a wall

The SIT Acronis Autonomous car was doomed before the start of its fateful lap.

Electric Startup eBussy is producing charming and modular electric vehicles

Reservations are underway, and the most popular style is the camper van.

People Are Jailbreaking Used Teslas to Get the Features They Expect

Tesla is getting more aggressive in revoking paid software features on used cars, raising the stakes in a battle over what used Teslas can do that has raged for years.

The EVs Are Coming

From Ford and GM to startups like Rivian, automakers are dialing up dozens of new electric vehicles to challenge Tesla for a battery-powered future. Will Americans buy them?

GMC Hummer EV vs. Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian and Bollinger: Electric pickups compared

GMC's new Hummer looks like a formidable all-electric beast. Here's how its specs stack up vs. the Tesla Cybertruck, Bollinger S2 and Rivian R1T.

Canadian and Ontarian governments invest $590 million to retool Ford plant for EV production

They'll each invest $295 million to help Ford upgrade its assembly plant in Oakville to start producing EVs.

With 1M global charge points, what’s next for EV charging?

Can they help buyers overcome range anxiety, still the number one concern of potential EV buyers?

Daimler invests in lidar company Luminar in push to bring autonomous trucks to highways

The company has been working internally to develop a truck capable of Level 4 automation.

Extreme E pushes off-road racing start to March 2021

A planned race in Nepal has been swapped for one in Patagonia, too.

Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux Motor Promises 98 Percent Efficiency

This motor design also offers more power density and lower weight than radial motors.

Self-driving shuttle debuts in high-traffic Virginia spot

It will mix with actual traffic, but will have a safety operator on-board.

If a Robot Is Conscious, Is It OK to Turn It Off? The Moral Implications of Building True AIs

The philosopher Peter Singer argues that creatures that can feel pain or suffer have a claim to moral standing.

New book tells the story of Tesla from its founding to the present

The book concentrates on the exciting stories, and there are many: Martin Eberhard’s realization that there were many like himself, who loved fast cars but wanted to help the environment; the freewheeling first days of the company, reminiscent of the early internet era; Tesla’s near-death experience and miraculous resurrection; and more.

Electrified car registrations overtake diesel in Europe for the first time

Gasoline is now the most common energy source for new European cars.