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Roborace Season Beta is underway!

Roborace - the first fully autonomous racing series - is now live streaming on Twitch.

This Inside-Out Motor for EVs Is Power Dense and (Finally) Practical

Belgian startup Magnax has found a way to mass-produce the axial-flux motor.

GM Super Cruise beats Tesla Autopilot again in latest hands-free test

Autopilot is 'a distant second' but ahead of Ford's Co-Pilot 360, says Consumer Reports.

EV West unveils Tesla crate motor for EV conversion projects

“Our new Revolt Tesla crate motor mounts to your small block motor mounts and attaches directly to your driveshaft, allowing you to use your existing rear axle,” says EV West.

Harley-Davidson is getting into the electric bicycle business

The new business, called Serial 1 Cycle Company, started as a project within the motorcycle manufacturer’s product development center.

Throwable Robot Car Always Lands on Four Wheels

Just by spinning its wheels, this car can stabilize itself in mid-air in 402 milliseconds.

General Motors has what it takes to put everyone in an EV

"Our zero-emissions, all-electric future is underway right now, and we are moving faster than ever. " - Mary Barra GM CEO

Porsche created a huge EV charging truck that can recharge 10 Porsche Taycans at once — see how it works

The charging truck has a power rating of 3.2 megawatts with its 2.1-megawatt hour battery system.

Cruise is doubling down on shared autonomous rides with new COVID protocols

The GM-owned company is also seeking a new exemption from the federal government to mass-produce the Origin.

A Q&A with Cruise’s head of AI, Hussein Mehanna

AI engineers of all descriptions—the autonomous vehicle industry wants you.

Reimagining the auto industry’s future: It’s now or never

Disruptions in the auto industry will result in billions lost, with recovery years away. Yet companies that reimagine their operations will perform best in the next normal.

Let Elon Musk Go Giga: A U.K. Upstart Says Microfactories Are The Profitable Way To Build Electric Vehicles

“The rule of this game of big factories is broken,” says Arrival fonder Denis Sverdlov.

Applied Intuition Reaches $1.25 Billion Valuation In New Funding For Its Autonomous Vehicle Testing Software

As Tesla, Waymo and others jockey for positioning in the race to take self-driving vehicles mainstream, a lesser-known Bay Area startup has reached “unicorn” status by offering the industry the software needed to run autonomous tests.

DANCE, an e-bike subscription service from the founders of SoundCloud, closes €15 million Series A fundraise

Their vision is a monthly subscription for full-service, full-access electric bike living, without the ownership.

First look at Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta and it looks just insane

After months of working on a complete core rewrite of its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Package, Tesla has now started its Full Self-Driving Beta rollout.

Car design is about to change forever. This video encapsulates how.

The car of the future is a skateboard, and whatever you want goes on top.

YouTube: Nuro's R2 on the Road

In 2020, Nuro's R2 began navigating city streets in California, Texas, and Arizona. Fully autonomously. No driver, no occupant, no chase car.