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Elon Musk Says Autopilot Self-Driving Beta Is Rolling Out Tonight

After a complete rewrite of the system, the Tesla CEO announces that a small beta test will begin this evening for a select group of 'expert & careful' drivers.

American excess is back with the 1,000hp 2022 GMC Hummer EV truck

There is nothing subtle or restrained, including the $112,595 price.

Watching Unlisted Driving Videos From GM's Cruise Autonomous Cars Reveals Some Alarming Behavior

To get to full Level 5 autonomy, I think we need to accept that the path may well be asymptotic — we’ll get closer and closer, but that last little bit may very well take a lot longer than we expect.

Forget AR glasses. Augmented reality is headed to your windshield.

Envisics has developed is a headset-free, in-car holography system that aims to transform the way we view the road.

GM is revealing their brand new all-electric Hummer brand today, Oct 20th!

And they're calling it "The world's first all-electric supertruck".

Extreme E testing begins - with Lewis Hamilton entering his X44 team

The all-electric off-road series is due to begin next year, and with promises of racing in remote corners of the world affected by climate change.

We Tested OpenPilot, the $1,199 Device That Adds Entry-Level Autonomy to Your Car

Comma AI's OpenPilot enables Level 2 driver assistance in more than 100 cars on the road, and it's already available to buy today.

GM's Cruise allowed to drive empty autonomous cars in San Francisco

Five cars will start testing without a back-up driver.

The maker of this new electric bus of the future just received an $118 million investment from BlackRock to build a US factory

Arrival has unveiled a zero-emissions public transit bus with configurable seating arrangements to promote social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A New Way For Autonomous Racing Cars to Control Sideslip

Swiss Formula Student team uses AI and sensors on the vehicle to calculate velocity and control sideslip.

Zero reveals its new 2021 electric motorcycle lineup

The lineup is headlined by Zero’s newest two electric motorcycles, the Zero SR/S and Zero SR/F.

Reimagining Public Buses in the Age of Uber

A startup wants to replace buses with six-person pods that dock with one another at highway speeds.

EV charging network ChargePoint to go public at $2.4 billion valuation

Will launch via SPAC, similar to Fisker, Nikola, Lordstown and Canoo.

Drone truck startup Einride unveils new driverless vehicles for autonomous freight hauling

The company’s cab-less prototypes are set to hit the road in 2021.

Amazon and Rivian show first electric delivery van

This is the first of 100,000, the companies say.

Waymo Ditches Human Safety Drivers in Its Self-Driving Taxis

"As of yesterday, we've returned with 100% fully driverless for the near term."

Lime adds Wheels shared e-bikes to its app as it seeks to become a one-stop shop for mobility

Lime wants to own all light electric vehicle trips under five miles.

Waymo and TuSimple autonomous trucking leaders on the difficulty of building a highway-safe AI

The two also discussed the complexity of creating a perceptual framework good enough to drive with.