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The development of autonomous and self-driving vehicles will have HUGE positive impacts on our world, touching almost every part of our lives. Not only will there will be vast improvements in driver safety - causing huge reductions in accident rates - autonomous vehicles will also provide transportation access to those otherwise unable to drive - like the disabled or blind, children, and the elderly.

Traffic will be a thing of the past. The entire idea of car ownership will be turned on its head.

The design and layouts of our cities will change - cities will no longer be built for automobiles, but instead designed for human needs, with less physical space devoted to cars. In Los Angeles, 14% of space in the city is currently dedicated to parking. Imagine a world where instead of parking spaces we had more parks and greenspace, walking paths, bike paths, and more housing. That's a future we're extremely excited about.

THE FUTURE MoDe is focused on the future of mobility design and its intersection with urban planning. Self-Driving Cars, Micromobility, Electric Vehicles, Driverless Delivery, Urban Air Mobility, and Urban Planning.

We're incredibly excited for the positive impacts these technologies will have on the world. But of course, as is the case with all new technologies, not all of the changes will initially be positive. There are also ethical concerns around AI. We're excited to think about these challenges, too.

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