Lucid set out to create a car that elevates the human experience and transcends the perceived limitations of space, performance, and intelligence. A car that is intuitive, liberating, and designed for all the ways people get around. We plan to lead in this new era of mobility by returning to the fundamentals of great design – where every decision we make is in service of the individual. Because when you are no longer bound by convention, you are free to define your own experience.

Lucid beats Tesla Model S Plaid prototype on racetrack with its own tri-motor Air test vehicle

They completed a lap in 1:36.55 with the prototype electric vehicle.

Rivian's 'beautiful' cars, $6 billion war chest, and deals with Amazon and Ford put it at the front of the pack of startups vying to be the next Tesla, VCs say

Rivian and Lucid Motors are the electric-vehicle startups most likely to follow Nikola and Fisker by going public, experts say.

Lucid’s new all-electric sedan will let owners send energy to their homes by mid-2021

The fast-charging can also add 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

Lucid Air EV Crushes 500 Miles-On-a-Single-Charge Barrier

Lucid Air has achieved a Holy Grail of EV technology—an electric car that sneers at "range anxiety"

2021 Lucid Air's DreamDrive Driver Assistance Package Will Include 32(!) Sensors

Oh, and the electric sedan is only the second production car with onboard Lidar.

Electric Cars Are About to Start Rolling Out of the Arizona Desert

Lucid Motors expects to start car production by year-end.

Lucid Motors takes a prototype Air EV on an 800-mile California road trip

The company set out to prove that its new luxury electric sedan could live up to its 400-mile range claim.

The debut electric vehicle from former Tesla engineer faces delay

The first EV from Lucid Motors Inc., the car company setup by former Tesla chief engineer Peter Rawlinson, won’t be going ahead exactly as planned.

Tesla Isn’t the Only Start-Up Disrupting the Car Business

The shift to battery power has inspired a wave of new companies to challenge the automotive dinosaurs.