Rivian is on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever. Rivian is focused on designing emissions-free "Electric Adventure Vehicles" - IE, Trucks and SUVs - to challenge that status quo in electric vehicles. Rivian is determined to make the transition to sustainable transportation an exciting one.

With backing from the likes of Amazon and the Ford Motor Company, Rivian has some of the most solid financing of any of the electric car start-ups. Its imprimatur also gives Rivian credibility, which is crucial for an untested start-up.

Rivian raises $2.65B as it pushes toward production of its electric pickup

Rivian is now valued at $27.6 billion, according to a person familiar with the investment round.

Rivian is closing in on more financing at massive $25 billion valuation

Electric pickup truck startup Rivian is closing in on a new financing round that would put its valuation at an impressive $25 billion.

The electric car industry now has its own lobbying group

Tesla, Uber, Rivian, and others have formed the Zero Emissions Transportation Association.

The EVs Are Coming

From Ford and GM to startups like Rivian, automakers are dialing up dozens of new electric vehicles to challenge Tesla for a battery-powered future. Will Americans buy them?

GMC Hummer EV vs. Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian and Bollinger: Electric pickups compared

GMC's new Hummer looks like a formidable all-electric beast. Here's how its specs stack up vs. the Tesla Cybertruck, Bollinger S2 and Rivian R1T.

Amazon and Rivian show first electric delivery van

This is the first of 100,000, the companies say.

Wall Street is ditching automakers like Ford and GM in favor of untested electric car startups

Legacy automakers have been in a slump during recent years, while newer startups continue to climb.

Rivian's 'beautiful' cars, $6 billion war chest, and deals with Amazon and Ford put it at the front of the pack of startups vying to be the next Tesla, VCs say

Rivian and Lucid Motors are the electric-vehicle startups most likely to follow Nikola and Fisker by going public, experts say.