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Ex-Uber self-driving head Anthony Levandowski to take plea deal over Google secrets

Engineer Anthony Levandowski, known for advancing self-driving car technology in the last decade, agreed to plead guilty on Thursday to taking sensitive documents from his former employer Google before joining rival Uber Technologies Inc.

Self-driving car engineer Anthony Levandowski pleads guilty to stealing Google trade secrets

Anthony Levandowski, the self-driving car engineer and former Google executive who joined Uber via an acquisition of his autonomous truck company Otto, has agreed to plead guilty to stealing Google trade secrets, according to Reuters.

Coronavirus fears halt autonomous vehicle testing for Uber, Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, Waymo, and others

Uber, GM’s Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, and are among the companies that have suspended driverless vehicle programs in the hopes of limiting contact between drivers and riders.

The flying taxi market may be ready for takeoff, changing the travel experience forever

The market for flying cars, now known as electric air taxis, should continue to mature during this decade, soaring to $1.5 trillion globally by 2040, according to a Morgan Stanley Research study.

Uber’s plan to launch an air taxi service in 2023 just got a boost from a secretive startup

Uber’s ambitious plans to launch an urban air taxi service just got a lift from a secretive, well-financed startup.