The cute urban runabout EV comes from a California startup.
We’re always tickled by the new startups producing what appear to be interesting and fun electric vehicles. Lately, it seems like the vast majority of those have been trucks and SUVs. Fairly quietly last week, a company called Alpha Motor Corporation from Irvine, California, unveiled something a little different: the Ace electric coupe.

Hailed by Alpha as “an ideally sized personal vehicle with an electrifying soul,” the rear-wheel-drive Ace seats two (with two “compact rear seats for occasional storage”), has 14 cubic feet of cargo space, weighs 3,600 pounds and is 165 inches long. Its electric powertrain is good for more than 250 miles of driving range, says Alpha, and a 0-60 time of six seconds.
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  • Originally published December 22, 2020