It built the prototype in partnership with manufacturer IVECO, and plans to finish four more prototypes by the end of the year.
Hydrogen-electric vehicle startup Nikola has completed the first prototype of its Tre semi-truck, the company announced in its third-quarter earnings report Monday. During the third quarter, Nikola began building five electric Tre prototypes in partnership with truck manufacturer IVECO at the latter's Ulm, Germany plant.

It recently completed the first truck, and expects to finish the the remaining four preproduction models by the end of 2020, Nikola said. "In the third quarter of 2020, Nikola made significant progress on key milestones," said Nikola CEO Mark Russell in a statement. "We delivered on our commitment to assemble the first Nikola Tre BEV prototypes and are continuing to work with customers on the prospective and previously announced BEV truck orders.