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Apple’s Self-Driving Electric Car Is at Least Half a Decade Away

Company has small team working on a car with renewed ambition to eventually take on Tesla, but development is still in early stages.

Electric Cars Closing In on Gas Guzzlers as Battery Costs Plunge

Annual BNEF battery survey finds prices near tipping point.

Parking Has Eaten American Cities [2018]

A new study documents the huge amount of space taken up by parking, and the astronomical costs it represents, in five U.S. cities.

Electric Cars Are About to Start Rolling Out of the Arizona Desert

Lucid Motors expects to start car production by year-end.

The State of the Self-Driving Car Race 2020

Waymo is still the one to beat. But in a post-Covid world, autonomous will enable more of our contactless needs.

Uber Says Engineer Is on His Own for $180 Million to Google

Ride-hailing firm refuses to indemnify Anthony Levandowski.

Silicon Valley Startup Firings Over Virus Face Early Court Test

Velodyne was sued for laying off 140 workers with one day’s notice.