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Citroën’s small $6,000 electric ‘car’ is coming to the US as part of new subscription service

Citroën’s Ami, a small $6,000 electric “car,” is apparently coming to the US as part of new electric car subscription service.

Husqvarna shows off images of its first electric street bike; here are the specs

Th company is showing off its first electric motorcycle model concept known as the Husqvarna E-Pilen and releasing some of its early specs.

Washington State bans gas cars by 2030 – the earliest in the US

Washington State legislature has passed “Clean Cars 2030,” a bill setting a goal to require all light-duty vehicles of model year 2030 or later to be electric. The bill passed as part of a larger package directing utilities to prepare the state for all-electric transportation.

Segway unveils futuristic Apex H2 hybrid hydrogen electric motorcycle

Who said Segways aren’t cool? Not the dude riding a hybrid hydrogen and electric-powered Segway Apex H2 motorcycle, that’s for sure.

ALYI finally releases video showing its new electric motorcycle, and it looks nothing like expected

Alternet has been threatening to produce an electric motorcycle for years now.

Rivian reveals impressive map of over 600 planned fast-charging stations and wall charger

The strategy is very reminiscent of Tesla, and that’s smart, since it’s hard to argue that the California-based automaker is not the leader in electric vehicle charging.

Tesla releases video of its new electric semi truck prototype on test track

The sighting on the test track was the first time that the new electric trucks were spotted moving by their own power.

This carbon-negative massive megafactory will produce an EV every 2 seconds

Ola Electric recently began construction on an electric scooter megafactory designed to produce 2 million of its 100 km/h (62 mph) electric two-wheelers per year.

Tesla’s communications with DMV over Full Self-Driving are released and they bring some confusion

Tesla’s communications with DMV over the release of its Full Self-Driving Beta have been released through a freedom of information request.

Elon Musk: Tesla to unveil updated Cybertruck next quarter as it focuses on production

Elon Musk is teasing Tesla unveiling an updated version of the Cybertruck next quarter as the automaker is focusing on bringing the electric pickup truck into production.

Fisker gives up on solid-state batteries after announcing ‘breakthrough’ with ‘500 miles range & 1-min charging’

In short, Fisker believes that the technology is nowhere near ready for commercialization.

Rivian and Lucid Motors both expand U.S. retail presence

Both electric vehicle manufacturers have large aspirations to compete with Tesla, although either has yet to deliver a consumer EV so far.

Aptera solar electric car with ‘1,000 miles’ of range gets $4M in backing, more than 7,000 preorders

The company was created in 2006 with the aim of bringing to market a super-efficient three-wheeled vehicle.

Hyundai reveals redesign to 2022 Kona Electric SUV

A press release from Hyundai USA has revealed a glimpse at its 2022 Kona Electric SUV, featuring a slight redesign. According to the automaker, these EVs will be available in the US some time this spring.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and EV announced with almost everything you asked for

After four long years, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has its mid-cycle refresh with lots of asked for features and gains a new, bigger sibling with Super Cruise – the Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

Here’s how Harley’s new electric motorcycle division could save the company

Harley-Davidson’s progressive new CEO Jochen Zeitz announced that a separate new division was opening within the company to focus purely on electric motorcycles.

Tesla partners with Samsung on new 5nm chip for full self-driving, report says

Tesla has reportedly partnered with Samsung on a new 5nm chip for full self-driving, according to a new report coming from Korea.

First look at Tesla’s new structural battery pack that will power its future electric cars

Electrek obtained the first picture of Tesla’s new structural battery pack with a honeycomb architecture that will power its future electric vehicles.

SONDORS unveils game-changing 80 mph electric motorcycle, and it’s ACTUALLY affordable

SONDORS has just pulled up the curtain on its first-ever electric motorcycle, the SONDORS Metacycle. The new commuter electric motorcycle may just be the first truly low-cost electric motorcycle capable of both city and highway riding.

The Netherlands reaches impressive 69% all-electric market share

Electric cars exited the year 2020 with a massive 69% market share – a figure normally only seen in one other market: Norway.

GM to produce Honda and Acura electric vehicles in Mexico and Tennessee in 2023-24

GM is set to produce a Honda-branded electric vehicle and an Acura-branded electric crossover in Mexico and Tennessee starting in 2023.

Rivian is closing in on more financing at massive $25 billion valuation

Electric pickup truck startup Rivian is closing in on a new financing round that would put its valuation at an impressive $25 billion.

VW CEO reveals ‘Mission T’ to ‘catch up with Tesla’ as he faces vote of confidence

In a new blog post called “How we transform Volkswagen,” the executive revealed in more detail how he and his team have been leading this effort.

Why wait for the electric Honda Cub scooter? The CSC Monterey is better (and cheaper)!

The vintage-inspired electric scooter it is exactly what we’ve wanted to see from companies like Honda for years.

UK opens first fully electric vehicle service station, powered by solar

The station features 36 rapid chargers powered by green energy.

Daymak unveils several high-end Canadian-made light EVs, e-bikes, UTVs, flying car

The blacked-out, sleek looking model line features six new vehicles ranging from electric bikes and covered mobility scooters to a personal flying vehicle.

More drama in EV land: now Karma is suing Lordstown over theft of technology

Karma Automotive decided to sue Lordstown Motors over what they allege is theft of technology.

Tesla Semi electric truck to have up to 621 miles of range, says Elon Musk

This new range is going to be achieved, thanks to Tesla’s new in-house battery cells and battery pack technology.

Tesla receives massive new order of Tesla Semi electric trucks — biggest yet?

"Today, Pride Group Enterprises (PGE) is announcing that it has reserved 150 Tesla Electric Semis with the option to increase to 500 trucks." Sam Johal, Pride Group Enterprises CEO, announced that the company has placed a deposit to secure the initial units and build slots.

Kandi’s small electric car to cost $7,999 in California

Chinese electric startup Kandi announces that its small K27 electric car has been approved for California roads and it is going to cost only $7,999 in the state after incentives.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta appears to detect and avoid road debris in video

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has impressed with its capacity to navigate city streets, and it now looks like it can also detect and avoid road debris, according to a new video.

First look at Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta and it looks just insane

After months of working on a complete core rewrite of its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Package, Tesla has now started its Full Self-Driving Beta rollout.

Zero reveals its new 2021 electric motorcycle lineup

The lineup is headlined by Zero’s newest two electric motorcycles, the Zero SR/S and Zero SR/F.

Mercedes-Benz teases ‘highest-efficiency electric car in the world’ with over 750 miles of range

"We have set up a group of our engineers to take on an extraordinary task: to build the longest-range and highest-efficiency electric car the world has ever seen."

SONDORS unveils flashy new electric mopeds at equally flashy low price

Sporting mini-bike and scrambler styling reminiscent of many 1980s mopeds, the SONDORS MadMod e-bikes will feature full suspension frames with a telescopic fork up front and dual rear coilover shocks in the rear.

Tesla hacker reveals what driver-facing camera is looking for

A Tesla hacker has revealed what Tesla’s driver-facing camera in Model 3 and Model Y is looking for — hinting at driver monitoring feature.

GM tests its Ultium battery system for Cruise Origin autonomous electric vehicle

The vehicle was technically the first vehicle to get GM’s new Ultium battery system.

Lucid beats Tesla Model S Plaid prototype on racetrack with its own tri-motor Air test vehicle

They completed a lap in 1:36.55 with the prototype electric vehicle.

This 15-lb electric bicycle set a world record and pushes the limits of e-bike construction

The concept relies on a decidedly low-tech but lightweight solution: a friction drive.

Yamaha shows off ‘extremely compact’ electric motors

Yamaha has been hard at work developing new electric motors and drive units sized for motorcycles and larger vehicles.

Volvo-owned Polestar partners with CAKE’s Swedish electric motorcycles

As part of the agreement, CAKE’s electric motorcycles will be displayed in Polestar showrooms in Europe.

Who killed the electric bike? Jump e-bikes spied being sent to the crusher

It appears that Uber has made the decision to destroy a number of Jump e-bikes.

Now’s the perfect time for Harley-Davidson’s upcoming electric scooter

With customers tightening their belts and looking for more affordable ways to get around, these types of electric scooters can be a great solution.

Next-generation Volvo EVs will use lidar for hands-off highway driving by 2022

Volvo has a long tradition of pioneering safety equipment well ahead of the competition.

Lincoln cancels use of Rivian’s technology for its first electric vehicle

Ford still plans to produce a Lincoln EV but is using its own technology.

Tesla doubles down on claim Chinese EV startup stole its Autopilot source code

Last year Tesla initiated a lawsuit against a former Autopilot engineer who quit to join Chinese startup Xpeng.

Karma announces plan for 400-mile Revero electric car for 2021

The new all-electric version of the Revero is to use Karma’s new E-Flex vehicle platform designed for all-electric chassis with extended range battery systems.

Get ready for all-electric flying car races, they’re coming

Airspeeder, the first motorsports program for electric flying cars, this week announced raising a seven-figure sum to launch its series.

Trump’s new fuel-efficiency rule: The devil is in the details for electric cars

On March 31, the Trump administration gutted fuel-economy and greenhouse gas rules for model years 2021 to 2026.

Hyundai’s latest EV concept is a visual mash-up of Model 3, Porsche 911, and Mercedes EQS

Hyundai's Prophecy concept is a showcase of vehicle features that will be offered in the not-too-distant future.

CAKE launches new street-legal electric motorcycle based on more affordable design

The CAKE Kalk INK SL is a street-legal version of the Cake KALK INK, which is itself a paired down version of the original CAKE Kalk OR.

Xiaomi launches a new $420 electric moped

If you thought Xiaomi was all about cell phones and tablets, then think again.

Tesla self-driving traffic light and stop-sign interaction explained in leaked manual

We get the full explanation of how the new feature works, thanks to the leaked manual.

GM CEO: EV adoption needs to shift from ‘regulatory-driven to customer-driven’

Last week, General Motors unveiled an entire portfolio of about a dozen electric vehicles that it plans to sell in the next four years. At the event, we had the chance to speak with Mary Barra, GM’s chief executive. We asked Barra about EV profitability, regulations, and the big-ness of most of its upcoming electric vehicles.

Swytch electric bike conversion kit transitions to full ‘crowd-shopping’ sales

The London-based startup Swytch Technology, known for its unique electric bicycle conversion kit, is a classic example of a crowdfunding success story. And now that the company has successfully entered production of its novel e-bike conversion kits, they are sticking with the crowd theme with the rollout of a new “crowd-shopping” strategy.

Washington State passes bill to become a ZEV state, pushes for ban of gas cars

Washington State’s Senate narrowly passed SB 5811 this week, paving the way for the Evergreen State to become the 12th to adopt California’s zero-emissions mandate.

Super Soco TSx learner electric motorcycle — a new era of beginner e-motos

I’m an electric motorcycle guy, through and through. Yet for some reason I still had to earn my motorcycle license by testing on a gas-powered Harley-Davidson. If the Super Soco TSx had been around then, though, perhaps I could have tested on a new breed of learner electric motorcycles.

Illegal e-bikes OK’d in NYC as food delivery lifeline amid coronavirus crisis

New York City’s ban of electric bicycles has been shelved to help support food delivery during the coronavirus crisis.

Xpeng P7 gets test permits for US roads

Xpeng has secured a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) permit to test-drive its new P7 EV. Does this mean the company is getting closer to the US market?

BMW ends production of the i8 electric sports car next month

BMW i8, the best-selling plug-in hybrid sports car, is going to see the end of its production run next month after about 20,000 units produced.

Oregon Fire Department begins Arcimoto pilot program

The Eugene, Oregon Fire Department started an Arcimoto EV rapid responder pilot program.

Fiat hints that its compact EV with 300 miles of add-on batteries is real

When the electric Fiat Centoventi was revealed as a concept car at 2019’s Geneva Motor Show, it was easy to dismiss as auto-show razzle-dazzle.

NIU Q4 financials show strong electric scooter sales, 40% growth in revenue

Beijing-based electric scooter manufacturer NIU has shown impressive growth quarter after quarter lately.

Tesla Autopilot automatically avoids head-on collision with car in wrong lane

A Tesla driver claims that Autopilot automatically moved to avoid a head-on collision with a car in the wrong lane on the highway.

ONYX RCR First ride: Flying fast on this 60 mph electric moped

An electric moped in the truest sense of the word “moped,” the ONYX RCR is a beast of an electric motorbike.

eHang electric aircraft gets approval in Norway and Spain

eHang just got its operational permit for its eHang 216 in Norway and Spain. The Chinese aviation startup hopes to develop its presence in Europe and create future flight routes.

WeRide resumes robotaxi service in China after COVID-19

WeRide has resumed its robotaxi service in Guanzhou with extreme precautions to keep riders and drivers safe after COVID-19.

VW says it’s working on entry-level ID.1 electric car, aiming for $22,000

Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen’s chief operating officer, told the UK’s CAR magazine late last week that the ID.1 is in development.

Bird unveils new Scoot Moped, a seated electric scooter with big potential

Electric mobility company Bird is rolling out its electric Scoot Moped in Austin, Texas today.

Bollinger unveils its electric truck platform, markets it to commercial vehicles

Bollinger Motors, an electric vehicle startup, has unveiled its electric platform and chassis as it plans to offer it for commercial electric vehicle production. more…

Watch all-electric air taxi ‘Volocopter’ make debut urban flight in Stuttgart

Volocopter, an electric air taxi startup backed by Daimler, had its urban flight debut during a presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

German aviation startup jumps into the UAM industry

We can welcome another German aviation startup into the urban air mobility called e.SAT.

Tesla to release more self-driving features in March — city street autopilot?

Tesla plans to release more features to expand its full self-driving capabilities later this month, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla Self-Driving Computer architect Jim Keller is confident about solving autonomous driving

Jim Keller, Tesla’s former head of Autopilot hardware and the designer of Tesla’s Self-Driving Computer chip, says that he is confident about solving autonomous driving after working at Tesla.

Tesla-inspired EV maker Xpeng secures $400 million investment

Xpeng is one of the most controversial EV startups, and yet it’s one of the most successful. The openly Tesla-inspired EV maker announced that it secured a $400 million investment.