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Flying Electric 'Seaglider' Ferry May Be the Best Way To Travel Between Coastal Cities

Its cruising speed of 180 mph will have you comfortably gliding above waters.

Meet ASKA: The Street-Legal Flying Car That Reinvents Urban Living

Designed for door-to-door transportation, ASKA comes with a hefty price tag.

New Mercedes Screen Spans Nearly Entire Width of Car, Regulates With AI

Mercedes' new screen will use AI to minimize distraction: 'no scrolling, no browsing.'

First Model Y Commissioned as Police Vehicle in New York

The vehicle will save the department nearly $10,000 in fuel costs over the next 5 years.

MIT Researchers Create System That Trains Driverless Cars Before They Are on the Road

Vehicles learn to drive in real-world scenarios before hitting the road.

Automated Trucks Are Coming Much Sooner Than You Think

The technology may seem like an exciting one but it will cost many truck drivers their jobs.