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How charging in buildings can power up the electric-vehicle industry

More than 50 million electric vehicles could be sharing roads in the next five years. Updating charging infrastructure is key to scaling the industry.

Reimagining the auto industry’s future: It’s now or never

Disruptions in the auto industry will result in billions lost, with recovery years away. Yet companies that reimagine their operations will perform best in the next normal.

Five COVID-19 aftershocks reshaping mobility’s future

The pandemic will change the face of mobility, both now and when the crisis ends.

Improving battery-electric-vehicle profitability through reduced structural costs

As sales of battery electric vehicles increase, OEMs need to focus on R&D excellence, flexible manufacturing, and value-chain integration to improve profitability.

To take off, flying vehicles first need places to land

The buzz about vehicles flying above hides the infrastructure challenge below.

The impact of COVID-19 on future mobility solutions

As the global pandemic spreads, mobility players need to prepare for the new world ahead.

How to drive winning battery-electric-vehicle design: Lessons from benchmarking ten Chinese models

Our analysis of the Chinese battery-electric-vehicle market revealed important clues for OEMs that want to thrive in this sector.

Transit investments in an age of uncertainty

Here are some ways that cities and rail operators can shape the mobility system to incorporate new technologies.

How China will help fuel the revolution in autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars could steer China’s automotive industry into the passing lane.

The future of mobility is at our doorstep

What mattered in the automotive and mobility markets in 2019, and what will dominate the space in 2020? We look closer at the autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared trends that matter.