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Amazon’s Rivian van begins delivering packages in its third U.S. city

The e-commerce giant announced earlier today that it began delivering packages in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Level 2 systems like Tesla Autopilot can improve drivers’ attentiveness: IIHS study

Using a giant pink teddy bear dressed in a yellow high-visibility jacket, the agency was able to roughly determine if systems like GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot make drivers less attentive on the road.

Tesla FSD Beta completes LA to Silicon Valley drive with zero interventions

Tesla’s limited Full Self-Driving beta recently showcased its remarkable capabilities by completing a drive from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley without any interventions from its driver.

Tesla Full Self-Driving’s cool augmented reality view previewed by noted hacker

Tesla hacker @greentheonly shared his findings on a Twitter thread, where he posted about some of his notable observations from his recent discovery.

Tesla Cybertruck design issues explained by legendary auto designer

Over a year since its release, the Cybertruck continues to polarize.

Tesla is adding remarkable detail in its Full Self-Driving Visualizations

In Tesla’s v10.2 2020.12.5 release, more and more aspects of city driving are becoming recognized by the company’s neural networks.