Lawmakers demand answers in fatal Tesla crash after Elon Musk and executives offer conflicting details

Elon Musk said autopilot wasn't on, but a top Tesla exec said adaptive cruise control, an autopilot feature, was.

Level 2 systems like Tesla Autopilot can improve drivers’ attentiveness: IIHS study

Using a giant pink teddy bear dressed in a yellow high-visibility jacket, the agency was able to roughly determine if systems like GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot make drivers less attentive on the road.

Tesla’s communications with DMV over Full Self-Driving are released and they bring some confusion

Tesla’s communications with DMV over the release of its Full Self-Driving Beta have been released through a freedom of information request.

Watch Tesla's Full Self-Driving navigate from SF to LA with (almost) no help

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving might still be in beta, but that isn’t stopping early adopters from using it for autonomous trips... well, almost.

Elon Musk might sell Tesla's Autopilot to his rivals. Experts say these 3 automakers are the likeliest buyers.

Autopilot has raised safety concerns, but is seen as more capable than competing systems.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta appears to detect and avoid road debris in video

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta has impressed with its capacity to navigate city streets, and it now looks like it can also detect and avoid road debris, according to a new video.

GM Super Cruise beats Tesla Autopilot again in latest hands-free test

Autopilot is 'a distant second' but ahead of Ford's Co-Pilot 360, says Consumer Reports.

First look at Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta and it looks just insane

After months of working on a complete core rewrite of its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Package, Tesla has now started its Full Self-Driving Beta rollout.

Elon Musk Says Autopilot Self-Driving Beta Is Rolling Out Tonight

After a complete rewrite of the system, the Tesla CEO announces that a small beta test will begin this evening for a select group of 'expert & careful' drivers.

Tesla's full self-driving Autopilot beta coming in 'a month or so'

Tesla's CEO shared that its engineers have fully overhauled the Autopilot software stack and are almost ready to share a dramatic upgrade.

Elon Musk says full self-driving Tesla tech 'very close'

Tesla will be able to make its vehicles completely autonomous by the end of this year, founder Elon Musk has said.

VIDEO: Why the complete version of Tesla Full Self-Driving will take longer than Elon Musk says it will

Tesla owners can purchase a version of Full Self-Driving, or FSD, today for $8,000, but it's not feature complete. CNBC explores why the complete version of FSD has yet to be released.

German court bans Tesla from misleading claims about autonomy, Autopilot

Wording like 'full potential for autonomous driving'.

Elon Musk says Tesla's 'full self-driving' option will get more expensive - again - on July 1

The full self-driving package will increase in price by $1,000, to $8,000.

Tesla doubles down on claim Chinese EV startup stole its Autopilot source code

Last year Tesla initiated a lawsuit against a former Autopilot engineer who quit to join Chinese startup Xpeng.

Self-driving vehicles: Many challenges remain for autonomous navigation

Driver assistance is easy, but it’s much harder for robots to take over the whole job of driving anywhere at any time. What’s coming first is autonomy on well-maintained roads in good weather.

Elon Musk explains why Tesla's Model 3 has an in-cabin camera

You won't have to worry about someone trashing your robotaxi.

Tesla is adding remarkable detail in its Full Self-Driving Visualizations

In Tesla’s v10.2 2020.12.5 release, more and more aspects of city driving are becoming recognized by the company’s neural networks.

Tesla is hiking the price of its semi-autonomous 'Full Self-Driving' package soon in anticipation of new over-the-air updates

Tesla plans to bump up the price of its "Full Self-Driving" feature on July 1, Elon Musk said in a tweet on Friday. 

Tesla self-driving traffic light and stop-sign interaction explained in leaked manual

We get the full explanation of how the new feature works, thanks to the leaked manual.

Autonomous driving still isn’t a reality in 2020 — and it’s getting people killed

People are treating their Teslas like fully autonomous vehicles when they aren’t even close to being fully autonomous yet.

Tesla Autosteer will soon stop at Trafic Lights and Stop Signs

Here is how it will operate along with it's limitations.

Tesla's Autopilot now recognizes traffic signals

Video shows the partially automated system stop for a red light for the first time as some owners receive early access to the "full-self-driving" update.

Tesla Model Y boasts heated radar to help Autopilot in the cold

It should help keep the system operational when the car's full of snow and ice.

In Tesla Autopilot crashes, NTSB says drivers and regulation are also to blame

Blame is shared in these two fatal crashes, and the NTSB wants everyone to step up.

Tesla Autopilot automatically avoids head-on collision with car in wrong lane

A Tesla driver claims that Autopilot automatically moved to avoid a head-on collision with a car in the wrong lane on the highway.

Tesla to release more self-driving features in March — city street autopilot?

Tesla plans to release more features to expand its full self-driving capabilities later this month, according to CEO Elon Musk.