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Deep Learning at the Speed of Light

Lightmatter bets that optical computing can solve AI’s efficiency problem.

A Wave Of Billion-Dollar Computer Vision Startups Is Coming

Computer vision is the most technologically mature field in modern artificial intelligence. This is about to translate into enormous commercial value creation.

Designing customized “brains” for robots

A new system devises hardware architectures to hasten robots’ response time.

Can We Make Our Robots Less Biased Than We Are?

A.I. developers are committing to end the injustices in how their technology is often made and used.

Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU

This means AI neural networks that previously took months to train can now train in minutes on the Cerebras system.

Computer vision startup Chooch.ai scores $20M Series A

“Basically we set out to copy human visual intelligence in machines. That’s really what this whole journey is about,” CEO and co-founder Emrah Gultekin explained.

Why Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Is Such A Big Deal: 4D Data Continuity & Trajectory Projection

In a video by YouTuber Dr. Know-it-all Knows it all, the good doctor shared his thoughts on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta and why it is such a big deal.

Envisics nabs $50M for its in-car holographic display tech at a $250M+ valuation

The startup brings together technologies like computer vision, machine learning, big data analytics and navigation to build hardware that integrates into vehicles to project holographic, head-up displays providing enhanced “dashboards” of information to drivers.

Self-Driving Cars Learn to Read the Body Language of People on the Street

Game developers use motion-capture tech to teach Cruise’s autonomous vehicles to understand gestures.

The problems AI has today go back centuries

Algorithmic discrimination and “ghost work” didn’t appear by accident. Understanding their long, troubling history is the first step toward fixing them.

Universities and Tech Giants Back National Cloud Computing Project

A proposal to give scientists access to huge data sets and powerful computers.

An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in

After years of hype, many people feel AI has failed to deliver, says Tim Cross.

Video: How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Cities and Our Lives [2017]

Jeff Schneider's TEDxCMU presentation covers the next amazing way artificial intelligence will allow us to reinvent our lives: through self-driving cars.

MIT’s tiny artificial brain chip could bring supercomputer smarts to mobile devices

A new paper by MIT researchers describes a new type of artificial brain synapse, printed directly on a chip that’s smaller than a single piece of confetti.

TinyML is giving hardware new life

The latest embedded software technology moves hardware into an almost magical realm.

Sony Builds AI Into a CMOS Image Sensor

This smart image sensor uses digital signal processing of machine-learning algorithms to decode what it "sees".

OpenAI Finds Machine Learning Efficiency Is Outpacing Moore’s Law

Researchers have begun tracking a new measure for machine learning efficiency that shows AI has been getting more efficient at a wicked pace

Inside Waymo’s Strategy to Grow the Best Brains for Self-Driving Cars [2018]

The Google spinoff has a head start in AI, but can they maintain the lead?

A2D2: Audi Autonomous Driving Dataset

This dataset consists of simultaneously recorded images and 3D point clouds, together with 3D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and data extracted from the automotive bus.

UC Berkeley's AI-Powered Robot Teaches Itself to Drive Off-Road

BADGR trains its deep neural network using data it gathers from real-world environments.

DARPA snags Intel to lead its machine learning security tech

DARPA is pouring millions into a new AI defense program. Here are the companies leading the charge.

Swift: Google's bet on differentiable programming

Google’s project could establish Swift as a key player in the Machine Learning arena.

Self-supervised learning is the future of AI

Despite the huge contributions of deep learning to the field of artificial intelligence, there’s something very wrong with it: It requires huge amounts of data.

OctoML raises $15M to make optimizing ML models easier

The core idea behind OctoML is to use machine learning to optimize machine learning models so they can more efficiently run on different types of hardware.

DeepMind’s new AI can beat humans at 57 Atari games

Google subsidiary DeepMind has unveiled an AI called Agent57 that can beat the average human at 57 classic Atari games.

The Top 100 AI Startups Out There Now, and What They’re Working On

Data research firm CB Insights released its much-anticipated fourth annual list of the top 100 AI startups earlier this month.

Google is using AI to design chips that will accelerate AI

A new reinforcement-learning algorithm has learned to optimize the placement of components on a computer chip to make it more efficient and less power-hungry.

Paper: Aerial Imagery based LIDAR Localization for Autonomous Vehicles

A localization technique using aerial imagery maps and LIDAR based ground reflectivity for autonomous vehicles in urban environments.

A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology’s future

The field is in disagreement about where it should go and why.

Laser Focused: How Multi-View LidarNet Presents Rich Perspective for Self-Driving Cars

Deep neural network takes a two-stage approach to address lidar processing challenges.

Google open-sources framework that reduces AI training costs by up to 80%

Google researchers recently published a paper describing a framework — SEED RL — that scales AI model training to thousands of machines.

MIT Researchers Create System That Trains Driverless Cars Before They Are on the Road

Vehicles learn to drive in real-world scenarios before hitting the road.

Helm.ai raises $13M on its unsupervised learning approach to driverless car AI

Helm.ai is coming out of stealth with an announcement that it has raised $13 million in a seed round that includes investment.

Video: Can Self-Driving Cars Learn Depth Perception?

Two Minute Papers discusses a recent paper showing how unsupervised learning can be used to train models to accurately predict 3D depth maps from 2D video samples.

These Industrial Robots Get More Adept With Every Task

Vicarious, a secretive 10-year-old startup backed by Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, reveals its progress and an initial customer.

MIT Tech Lets Self-Driving Cars “See” Under Surface of Road

In poor visibility, your car could look for landmarks — under the surface of the road.