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GM Opens Up a New Front in Its Battle With Tesla: Batteries

A new $2.3 billion plant cranks out Ultium cells to power GM’s upcoming line of electric vehicles.

Can We Make Our Robots Less Biased Than We Are?

A.I. developers are committing to end the injustices in how their technology is often made and used.

Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU

This means AI neural networks that previously took months to train can now train in minutes on the Cerebras system.

Smart Concrete Could Pave the Way for High-Tech, Cost-Effective Roads

At an early stage of a crack self-healing pavement would activate super absorbent polymers to absorb water and produce concrete-like material that fills in the crack.

If Graphene Batteries Do Everything Scientists Say, They Could Be a Gamechanger

They hold way more power. They charge almost instantly. What's taking so long to get them out there?

Kar-go: UK's first ROBOT delivery vehicle completes first shift

Built by Academy of Robotics, Kar-go uses artificial intelligence to provide contact-free deliveries of goods.

Spinach Gives Fuel Cells a Power Up

Spinach-based catalysts could power fuel cells more efficiently than traditional platinum ones.

Virgin Hyperloop hits an important milestone: the first human passenger test

For the first time, two people rode a hyperloop pod through a nearly airless tube at 100 mph.

Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia to test its futuristic transport system

The certification center will serve as the location for testing, developing, and validating the technology.

Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux Motor Promises 98 Percent Efficiency

This motor design also offers more power density and lower weight than radial motors.

This Inside-Out Motor for EVs Is Power Dense and (Finally) Practical

Belgian startup Magnax has found a way to mass-produce the axial-flux motor.

Throwable Robot Car Always Lands on Four Wheels

Just by spinning its wheels, this car can stabilize itself in mid-air in 402 milliseconds.

Car design is about to change forever. This video encapsulates how.

The car of the future is a skateboard, and whatever you want goes on top.

Forget AR glasses. Augmented reality is headed to your windshield.

Envisics has developed is a headset-free, in-car holography system that aims to transform the way we view the road.

A next-gen safety algorithm may be the future of self-driving cars

Hopefully this will put an end to self-driving collisions.

Will quantum computing drive the automotive future?

As quantum computing comes closer to reality, automotive players are exploring its potential.

Researchers Test Battery Powered by Nuclear Waste

An energy startup called NDB says it’s making progress on a battery technology powered by small pieces of nuclear waste.

This 15-lb electric bicycle set a world record and pushes the limits of e-bike construction

The concept relies on a decidedly low-tech but lightweight solution: a friction drive.

Scientists Found a Way to Turn Bricks Into Batteries

A potential energy storage medium has been sitting under our noses all this time.

The problems AI has today go back centuries

Algorithmic discrimination and “ghost work” didn’t appear by accident. Understanding their long, troubling history is the first step toward fixing them.

Yamaha shows off ‘extremely compact’ electric motors

Yamaha has been hard at work developing new electric motors and drive units sized for motorcycles and larger vehicles.

Remotely Operated Robot Takes Straight Razor to Face of Brave Roboticist

The ultimate goal is much more general than the creation of a dedicated straight razor shaving robot. This particular hardware system is actually a testbed for exploring MRI-compatible remote needle biopsy.

YouTube: ARRIVAL 1st look - is this Britain's Rivian?

Fully Charged visits the Arrival R&D headquarters in Britian to chat with Chief of Product Patrick Bionto about their upcoming electric delivery van platform.

These are the 5 leaders in the self-driving-car race

Business Insider takes an in-depth look at the most expansive self-driving-car tests taking place in the US in a new report.

How to drive winning battery-electric-vehicle design: Lessons from benchmarking ten Chinese models

Our analysis of the Chinese battery-electric-vehicle market revealed important clues for OEMs that want to thrive in this sector.

This self-driving startup built a “car without wheels” for remote driving

Voyage pulled the curtain back on its system for remote driving.

Universities and Tech Giants Back National Cloud Computing Project

A proposal to give scientists access to huge data sets and powerful computers.

An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in

After years of hype, many people feel AI has failed to deliver, says Tim Cross.

MIT’s tiny artificial brain chip could bring supercomputer smarts to mobile devices

A new paper by MIT researchers describes a new type of artificial brain synapse, printed directly on a chip that’s smaller than a single piece of confetti.

PandaSet: Public large-scale dataset for autonomous driving provided by Hesai & Scale.

PandaSet enables researchers to study challenging urban driving situations using the full sensor suit of a real self-driving-car.

The story of cheaper batteries, from smartphones to Teslas

The economics of cheaper batteries—and why they're good news for the planet.

Elon Musk says Tesla's 'full self-driving' option will get more expensive - again - on July 1

The full self-driving package will increase in price by $1,000, to $8,000.

OpenAI Finds Machine Learning Efficiency Is Outpacing Moore’s Law

Researchers have begun tracking a new measure for machine learning efficiency that shows AI has been getting more efficient at a wicked pace

Video: Is Your City for People or Cars? | Cornelia Dinca | TEDxJacksonville [2016]

Engineer and urban planner Cornelia Dinca talks about transforming urban environments into places of discovery and joy that foster feelings of community and empowerment.

This inflatable e-bike can be crammed just about anywhere

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed an electric bike that is so compact it can fit into a backpack.

Can AI Become Conscious?

If there is one scientist in the world who can shed light on the intriguing question of whether or not machines can become conscious, it is Chief scientist and president of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Christof Koch.

Chinese scientists harness fourth state of matter to create ‘air plasma’ jet engine that runs on electricity alone

Scientists in Wuhan, China claim to have created a carbon-neutral prototype jet engine which could one day allow for a new era in fossil-fuel free manned flight.

The Next Great AI Company? Covariant Attracts $40M Series B

The company, founded in 2017, began in an academic research setting by AI researchers at University of California at Berkeley and Open AI.

Ford shares a year's worth of self-driving car data

It wants to help advance autonomous vehicle research and development.

Webinar: Velodyne Lidar Announces Digital Learning Series on Automation and Safety During COVID-19

Bi-Weekly Webinars Examine How Autonomous Mobile Robots are Improving Public Safety and Fighting Disease.

Why experts believe cheaper, better LIDAR is right around the corner [2018]

Lidar used to cost $75,000. Experts expect this to fall to less than $100.

Paper: Urban Mobility System Upgrade [2015]

How shared self-driving cars could change city traffic.

MIT Human-Centered Autonomous Vehicle [2018]

A proposed set of principles for designing and building autonomous vehicles in a human-centered way that does not run away from the complexity of human nature but instead embraces it.

Self-Driving Cars Simulation for Everyone [2019]

Skoods, a self-racing car team, made available its own self-driving car simulation environment to the world.

MIT muscle-control system for drones lets a pilot use gestures for accurate and specific navigation

The video shows their ongoing work using input from muscle signals to control devices.

Inside Waymo’s Strategy to Grow the Best Brains for Self-Driving Cars [2018]

The Google spinoff has a head start in AI, but can they maintain the lead?

New way to ‘see’ objects accelerates future of self-driving cars [2019]

Cornell researchers have discovered that two inexpensive cameras can be used to detect objects nearly as well as LIDAR, at a fraction of the cost.

Surprise! 2020 Is Not the Year for Self-Driving Cars

The AV industry has had to reset expectations as it shifts its focus to Level 4 autonomy.

New Gyroscope Design Will Help Autonomous Cars and Robots Map the World

It’s 10,000 times more accurate than the gyros in your cell phone, but costs just US $50.

A2D2: Audi Autonomous Driving Dataset

This dataset consists of simultaneously recorded images and 3D point clouds, together with 3D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, and data extracted from the automotive bus.

UC Berkeley's AI-Powered Robot Teaches Itself to Drive Off-Road

BADGR trains its deep neural network using data it gathers from real-world environments.

FMCW Lidar: The Self-Driving Game-Changer

Learn why this revolutionary technology gives the Aurora Driver a significant advantage, especially when it comes to trucking.

Researchers track lithium ions in a fast-charging battery

Scientists have captured in real time how lithium ions move in lithium titanate.

GM is working with Honda to build two new electric vehicles

Honda will design the exteriors and interiors of the new EVs, while the platform will be engineered to support Honda’s specifications, the companies say.

China & Huawei propose reinvention of the Internet

China has suggested a radical change in the way the Internet works for the UN, in a proposal that claims to allow cutting-edge technologies such as holograms and autonomous cars.

Addionics, a startup creating ‘next-gen’ batteries for electric cars and more, raises $6M

Addionics, an Israeli/U.K. startup that is developed next-generation rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and other applications, has raised $6 million in funding.

Ice Cold: Canoo Heads To The Frosty White North For Some Winter Testing

Based in LA, startup EV manufacturer Canoo goes sub-zero.

China’s BYD claims new EV 'Blade' battery resists fire while maintaining range

BYD is heralding what it says is a breakthrough in battery safety in electric vehicles.

Self-Driving Car For Free

Meet your cheapest hardware yet, the comma zero.

Scientists develop AI that can turn brain activity into text

Reading minds has just come a step closer to reality.

Google is using AI to design chips that will accelerate AI

A new reinforcement-learning algorithm has learned to optimize the placement of components on a computer chip to make it more efficient and less power-hungry.

Paper: Aerial Imagery based LIDAR Localization for Autonomous Vehicles

A localization technique using aerial imagery maps and LIDAR based ground reflectivity for autonomous vehicles in urban environments.

A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology’s future

The field is in disagreement about where it should go and why.

Aptiv and Hyundai Motor Group Complete Formation of Autonomous Driving Joint Venture

The name of the joint venture will be announced at a later date.

Google open-sources framework that reduces AI training costs by up to 80%

Google researchers recently published a paper describing a framework — SEED RL — that scales AI model training to thousands of machines.

MIT Researchers Create System That Trains Driverless Cars Before They Are on the Road

Vehicles learn to drive in real-world scenarios before hitting the road.

Mercedes hits the brakes on self-driving cars

The world’s leading luxury brand has made a surprising decision on this emerging technology.

Fortum, BASF and Nornickel to partner on battery recycling

Finish utility company Fortum, German chemical company BASF, and Russian mining company Nornickel have signed a letter of intent to develop a battery recycling cluster in Harjavalta, Finland.

Helm.ai raises $13M on its unsupervised learning approach to driverless car AI

Helm.ai is coming out of stealth with an announcement that it has raised $13 million in a seed round that includes investment.

Video: Can Self-Driving Cars Learn Depth Perception?

Two Minute Papers discusses a recent paper showing how unsupervised learning can be used to train models to accurately predict 3D depth maps from 2D video samples.

Apex.OS 1.0 Release

I’m thrilled to announce today that Apex.OS 1.0 is available to customers and partners starting immediately.

Apex.OS: An Operating System for Autonomous Cars

The launch of Apex.OS 1.0 makes autonomous car development simpler, safer, and more secure.

Toyota is building a 'smart' city to test AI, robots and self-driving cars

Carmaker Toyota has unveiled plans for a 2,000-person "city of the future," where it will test autonomous vehicles, smart technology and robot-assisted living.

At Singapore’s Test Center, Self-Driving Cars Battle Fake Monsoons

The city state can simulate rain and floods to help driverless tech work in tropical weather.

Daimler and Bosch Will Launch a Pilot Robotaxi Program in San Jose in 2019

I don't know the way in San Jose, my car has a brain and won't go wrong and lose its way.

Watch Waymo's Virtual-Reality View of the World

The company released a 360-degree VR representation of what its robocar sees.