Electric Cars Are Coming, and Fast. Is the Nation’s Grid Up to It?

GM’s decision this week to phase out gasoline vehicles is the latest in a major shift that will mean drastic new demands on electric utilities. Here are four things that will need to happen.

In South Bend, Pete Buttigieg challenged a decades-old assumption that streets are for cars above all else

“Downtown was a ghost town. You wouldn’t go there after dark,” said Matz, who went on to volunteer for Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. “The results speak for themselves. It’s more than just the number of businesses, it’s the feeling of it not being dead anymore.”

Ford reveals plans for Michigan Central, a 30-acre “mobility innovation district” in Detroit’s Corktown

Ford is building a neighborhood-anchoring 30-acre redevelopment in Detroit that will give way to an “inclusive, vibrant, and walkable mobility innovation district” centered around the restored Michigan Central Station.

Starting with Michigan, Sidewalk Infrastructure is looking to build roads specifically for autonomous cars

The starting point is a 40-mile corridor between downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Parking Has Eaten American Cities [2018]

A new study documents the huge amount of space taken up by parking, and the astronomical costs it represents, in five U.S. cities.

Video: How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Cities and Our Lives [2017]

Jeff Schneider's TEDxCMU presentation covers the next amazing way artificial intelligence will allow us to reinvent our lives: through self-driving cars.

Video: Driverless Cars: breaking the fundamental rule of real estate [2017]

Paige Marie Pitcher takes to the TEDxOgden stage to talk about cars without drivers and cities without parking.

Video: Is Your City for People or Cars? | Cornelia Dinca | TEDxJacksonville [2016]

Engineer and urban planner Cornelia Dinca talks about transforming urban environments into places of discovery and joy that foster feelings of community and empowerment.

Video: Cars Almost Killed Our Cities, But Here's How We Can Bring Them Back | Gabe Klein | TEDxMidAtlantic [2017]

Our cities are making us – and the planet – sick, and the problem lies in the automobile, which has taken over how we live and use space. Thankfully, new technology like autonomous vehicles and 3D printing has opened the door for us to bring our cities back from the brink.

Paper: Urban Mobility System Upgrade [2015]

How shared self-driving cars could change city traffic.

Build Cities for Bikes, Buses, and Feet—Not Cars

San Francisco's MTA boss Jeff Tumlin is one of a new breed of planner trying to kick cars out of the city. That's good for business, good for people, and amazing for the planet.

This is Urban Art, Created by An AI

Art isn't just for humans anymore.

Toyota is building a 'smart' city to test AI, robots and self-driving cars

Carmaker Toyota has unveiled plans for a 2,000-person "city of the future," where it will test autonomous vehicles, smart technology and robot-assisted living.

In LA, land dedicated to parking is larger than Manhattan

A new study asks: What if that space was used for housing instead?

Transit investments in an age of uncertainty

Here are some ways that cities and rail operators can shape the mobility system to incorporate new technologies.

Toyota and BIG to build sustainable, emission-free ‘Woven City’ in Japan

The futuristic city by Toyota and Bjarke Ingles Group weaves together different infrastructure elements, drawing inspiration from the former’s heritage as a loom company.

Illegal e-bikes OK’d in NYC as food delivery lifeline amid coronavirus crisis

New York City’s ban of electric bicycles has been shelved to help support food delivery during the coronavirus crisis.

XTU architects imagines offshore oil rigs transformed into radical housing of the future

What do we do with all the offshore platforms that have been built to drill for the earth’s natural resources?

Video: Here's why you probably won't own a flying car, but may still commute by air

Companies are injecting millions of dollars into developing VTOLs, or Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicles, that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we commute in cities.

How we get around determines what we build, and also determines much of our carbon footprint

Transportation has a much bigger impact on urban design than we think.

Video: Floating cities, the LEGO House and other architectural forms of the future

Design gives form to the future, says architect Bjarke Ingels.

The Design of Cities in the Year 2039

In two decades, our metropolises should be well on their way to solving some of the biggest problems plaguing the world’s urban centers.

How Self-Driving Cars Might Transform City Parking

Autonomous vehicles could use parking lots more efficiently, but also worsen gridlock.

Milton Keynes, the Model Town Building Itself Around Self-Driving Cars

The Milton Keynes Council envisions self-driving vehicles easing traffic congestion and eliminating parking spaces.