Future Cities

More than half the world's population already lives in urban centers, and in two decades that number will be more than 60 percent. By 2039, our world will be home to at least 43 megacities—urban areas with more than 10 million inhabitants. How will the cities of the future deal with such an influx of people?

The UK plans to ban sales of diesel and petrol cars from 2030

Its move is part of a wider 10-point plan for a so-called “green industrial revolution”.

Smart Concrete Could Pave the Way for High-Tech, Cost-Effective Roads

At an early stage of a crack self-healing pavement would activate super absorbent polymers to absorb water and produce concrete-like material that fills in the crack.

Uber, Lyft drivers aren’t employees after all, California voters say

Prop 22 was the most expensive ballot measure in California history.

The maker of this new electric bus of the future just received an $118 million investment from BlackRock to build a US factory

Arrival has unveiled a zero-emissions public transit bus with configurable seating arrangements to promote social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

California Governor Signs Order Banning Sales Of New Gasoline Cars By 2035

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Wednesday that amounts to the most aggressive clean-car policy in the United States.

Five COVID-19 aftershocks reshaping mobility’s future

The pandemic will change the face of mobility, both now and when the crisis ends.

Conference: TC Sessions Mobility 2020

Get ready to spend two days rubbing virtual elbows with the global mobility community’s best and brightest minds and makers.

Starting with Michigan, Sidewalk Infrastructure is looking to build roads specifically for autonomous cars

The starting point is a 40-mile corridor between downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Parking Has Eaten American Cities [2018]

A new study documents the huge amount of space taken up by parking, and the astronomical costs it represents, in five U.S. cities.

Video: How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Cities and Our Lives [2017]

Jeff Schneider's TEDxCMU presentation covers the next amazing way artificial intelligence will allow us to reinvent our lives: through self-driving cars.