Sidewalk-traveling robots are here, aiming to deliver restaurant meals on the cheap, while being cute

The 18-inch tall robots on four wheels zipping across city sidewalks stopped people in their tracks as they whipped out their camera phones.

Hyundai's latest concept 'car' walks to places it can't drive

Sometimes, no matter how good an off-road vehicle is, there are places it just can't drive. That's why Hyundai engineers are working on a vehicle that can traverse even the most difficult terrain.

Designing customized “brains” for robots

A new system devises hardware architectures to hasten robots’ response time.

Robots Made of Ice Could Build and Repair Themselves on Other Planets

Ice is all over the solar system, and exploration robots could use it as a structural material.

Wheels Are Better Than Feet for Legged Robots

ANYmal demonstrates how hybrid mobility can benefit quadrupedal robots.

Space startup Aevum debuts world’s first fully autonomous orbital rocket launching drone

Aevum aims to provide end-to-end, rapid-response flights to orbit -- and the tech is ready.

Hyundai purchases Boston Dynamics, maker of Spot dog robot, for $921M

The acquisition has been expected since early November.

Computer vision startup scores $20M Series A

“Basically we set out to copy human visual intelligence in machines. That’s really what this whole journey is about,” CEO and co-founder Emrah Gultekin explained.

Throwable Robot Car Always Lands on Four Wheels

Just by spinning its wheels, this car can stabilize itself in mid-air in 402 milliseconds.

The robot revolution has arrived

Machines now perform all sorts of tasks: They clean big stores, patrol borders, and help children with autism. But will they improve our lives?