Computer vision startup scores $20M Series A

“Basically we set out to copy human visual intelligence in machines. That’s really what this whole journey is about,” CEO and co-founder Emrah Gultekin explained.

Throwable Robot Car Always Lands on Four Wheels

Just by spinning its wheels, this car can stabilize itself in mid-air in 402 milliseconds.

The robot revolution has arrived

Machines now perform all sorts of tasks: They clean big stores, patrol borders, and help children with autism. But will they improve our lives?

Robots that can walk are now striding to market

They will be able to go where people can, but existing bots cannot.

Remotely Operated Robot Takes Straight Razor to Face of Brave Roboticist

The ultimate goal is much more general than the creation of a dedicated straight razor shaving robot. This particular hardware system is actually a testbed for exploring MRI-compatible remote needle biopsy.

Amazon is testing its Scout delivery robots in Georgia and Tennessee

It’s already testing the bots in Washington and California.

Ex-Googler's Startup Comes Out of Stealth With Beautifully Simple, Clever Robot Design

Hello Robot's Stretch wants to reinvent how mobile manipulators perform tasks in home environments.

The Next Great AI Company? Covariant Attracts $40M Series B

The company, founded in 2017, began in an academic research setting by AI researchers at University of California at Berkeley and Open AI.

Ford Self-Driving Vans Will Use Legged Robots to Make Deliveries

Agility Robotics’ Digit will bring packages from a delivery vehicle to your front door.

MIT muscle-control system for drones lets a pilot use gestures for accurate and specific navigation

The video shows their ongoing work using input from muscle signals to control devices.