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These are the 5 leaders in the self-driving-car race

In this report, Business Insider Intelligence takes an in-depth look at the most expansive self-driving car tests taking place in the US, and offers insights on the leaders in the self-driving car race.

Coronavirus shows there’s still no such thing as a totally human-free self-driving car

The decision by most companies to suspend AV testing during the outbreak is causing turmoil among human backup drivers

Toyota and BIG to build sustainable, emission-free ‘Woven City’ in Japan

The futuristic city by Toyota and Bjarke Ingles Group weaves together different infrastructure elements, drawing inspiration from the former’s heritage as a loom company.

Video: Porsche shows autonomous driving in the Workshop

Porsche demonstrated how autonomous driving can be used in the workshop on a test field on the company’s premises in Ludwigsburg.

Big Rigs Begin to Trade Diesel for Electric Motors

Tractor-trailer fleets will take time to electrify, and start-ups and established truck makers are racing to get their models on the road. The battery-electric eCascadia big rig has been part of a pilot test at the ports in Southern California.

China’s Geely to make satellite fleet for autonomous driving

Chinese automotive firm Geely’s plans to launch a fleet of satellites to aid its self driving car ambitions.

Russia to Accelerate Development of Autonomous Car Technology

The Russian government plans to make the development of unmanned cars one of its priorities in the field of transportation within the next several years, according to recent statements of an official spokesman of the Russian Prime Minister and other senior state officials.

Illegal e-bikes OK’d in NYC as food delivery lifeline amid coronavirus crisis

New York City’s ban of electric bicycles has been shelved to help support food delivery during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus fears halt autonomous vehicle testing for Uber, Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, Waymo, and others

Uber, GM’s Cruise, Aurora, Argo AI, and are among the companies that have suspended driverless vehicle programs in the hopes of limiting contact between drivers and riders.

Xpeng P7 gets test permits for US roads

Xpeng has secured a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) permit to test-drive its new P7 EV. Does this mean the company is getting closer to the US market?

Waymo suspends robotaxi service except for its truly driverless vehicles

Waymo said Tuesday it is pausing operations of Waymo One, a service in the Phoenix.

Video: How to Build a Self-driving RC Car

Talk by Bert Jan Schrijver at GOTO 2019 Berlin.

NHTSA proposes revising auto safety rules to speed AV development

NHTSA said Tuesday it was proposing sweeping changes to U.S. safety requirements to speed the deployment of self-driving vehicles without human controls.

XTU architects imagines offshore oil rigs transformed into radical housing of the future

What do we do with all the offshore platforms that have been built to drill for the earth’s natural resources?

Tesla trails Waymo, Cruise and others in self-driving strategy, study claims

Tesla's position on Navigant Research's AV development leaderboard is just about at the bottom.

BMW ends production of the i8 electric sports car next month

BMW i8, the best-selling plug-in hybrid sports car, is going to see the end of its production run next month after about 20,000 units produced.

Oregon Fire Department begins Arcimoto pilot program

The Eugene, Oregon Fire Department started an Arcimoto EV rapid responder pilot program.

Fiat hints that its compact EV with 300 miles of add-on batteries is real

When the electric Fiat Centoventi was revealed as a concept car at 2019’s Geneva Motor Show, it was easy to dismiss as auto-show razzle-dazzle.

See inside a $4,000 electric 3-wheel camper with a full kitchen and room for 2 adults

Elektro Frosch has created an electric camper on three wheels that comes with a tent, kitchen, and awning.

Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle has been a total flop, but here are 12 other e-bikes from scrappy upstarts that may find the success it couldn't

Harley-Davidson's CEO stepped down late last month amid struggles at the company, including lackluster sales of the brand's first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire.