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Flying Taxi Concepts Gain Traction But Practical Challenges Remain

These vehicles and support ecosystem are argued by some to be the most significant civil air transportation development since the jet age.

A possible red hot future for electric vehicle batteries

High-temperature batteries could one day power road vehicles, according to the University of Nottingham, which has worked with Chinese universities to take a step forward with molten salt ‘metal-air’ batteries.

YouTube: GM Extended Superbowl Commercial

Will Ferrel and crew attempt to take on the entire country of Norway.

Apple rumored to invest $3.6B in Kia to produce 100,000 'Apple Cars' per year

A new report claims Apple and Kia are close to reaching a deal that will see the tech giant invest some 4 trillion won (about $3.6 billion) on a collaborative effort to bring "Apple Car" to life.

Elon Musk might sell Tesla's Autopilot to his rivals. Experts say these 3 automakers are the likeliest buyers.

Autopilot has raised safety concerns, but is seen as more capable than competing systems.

YouTube: How NASA Built The Future Tire

The Donut Media crew discuss how NASA designed tires using the "memory metal" nitinol.

FOCUS-Hyundai wrestles with the risks of embracing Apple

Executives in Hyundai Motor Co Group are divided over a potential tie-up with Apple Inc, with some raising concerns about becoming a contract manufacturer for the U.S. tech giant, dimming the outlook for a deal.

Driverless robotaxis are now available for public rides in China

AutoX is the first in the country to offer rides without safety drivers.

Embrace the Complexity — An Evolution of Manufacturing

The fixed assembly line has served us well for more than a century, and yet we could unlock a new level of productivity by embracing the unpredictable nature of organic systems. But first, we have to learn to let go.

Geely says it will make EVs for Faraday Future with Foxconn

Geely recently became an investor in Faraday Future.

Electric Cars Are Coming, and Fast. Is the Nation’s Grid Up to It?

GM’s decision this week to phase out gasoline vehicles is the latest in a major shift that will mean drastic new demands on electric utilities. Here are four things that will need to happen.

Michelin's tiny electric motor could make motorcycles easier to move

These patent drawings show a battery-powered reverse gear.

Sony begins testing its electric car concept on public roads

The Japanese tech giant’s foray into mobility comes at a time when established players in the sector are looking to ramp up their electric vehicle offerings and challenge Elon Musk’s Tesla.

G.M. Announcement Shakes Up U.S. Automakers’ Transition to Electric Cars

Every carmaker is trying to figure out how to make the leap before governments force it and Tesla and other start-ups lure away drivers.

Tesla unveils redesigned Model S with new interior and 520-mile range option

It has a Roadster-like steering wheel and a Model 3-style screen.

Tesla partners with Samsung on new 5nm chip for full self-driving, report says

Tesla has reportedly partnered with Samsung on a new 5nm chip for full self-driving, according to a new report coming from Korea.

Drone company Wingcopter raises $22m

The German drone developer will use the funding to strengthen its position in drone-based logistics, with a particular focus on healthcare-related applications.