Karma Automotive, founded in 2014, is a southern California based producer of luxury electric vehicles. Headquartered in Irvine, California with an assembly plant located in Moreno Valley, Karma sells vehicles via its dealer network comprised of 36 locations in North America, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Karma's Innovation and Customization Center, which opened in 2019 offers world-class engineering, design, customization, and manufacturing services along with electrification platforms.

Karma GSe-6: Tesla Model S rival due in 2021 with up to 300 miles of range, $79,900 price tag

California EV startup Karma Automotive is almost ready to show us its first battery-electric car.

Karma Showcases Fully-Electric E-Flex Platform For Economic Mobility

The fully electric platform supports zero-emission and economic transportation of passengers, small cargo and last-mile delivery.

Karma announces plan for 400-mile Revero electric car for 2021

The new all-electric version of the Revero is to use Karma’s new E-Flex vehicle platform designed for all-electric chassis with extended range battery systems.

Karma unveils self-driving electric van based on E-Flex platform

EV startup Karma wants to be much more than just a car manufacturer.