Nuro's mission is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life. Our first step is a self-driving vehicle for local goods transportation.

Self-driving delivery firm Nuro raises $500 million as COVID-19 boosts e-commerce

Early last year Nuro raised $940 million from SoftBank and a source close to the company said the valuation doubled from that last funding round to $5 billion.

YouTube: Nuro's R2 on the Road

In 2020, Nuro's R2 began navigating city streets in California, Texas, and Arizona. Fully autonomously. No driver, no occupant, no chase car.

Nuro is using delivery robots to help health care workers fighting COVID-19

The self-driving delivery company is operating at two field hospitals in California.

Nuro's Grocery Robots Granted Permission To Run Amok On The Streets Of California

Nuro is only the second company to be allowed totally driverless testing in California.

Nuro's driverless delivery vehicle is coming to houston

Nuro has received an exemption from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to deploy up to 5,000 vehicles.

Nuro Raises $92 Million for Adorable Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Somewhere between a delivery truck and a sidewalk robot, Nuro's robotic vehicles want to deliver your groceries.