Tesla's Cybertruck, the F-150 EV, the Hummer EV, and more: Handicapping the odds for waves of battery-powered pickups to come.
Tesla rules America’s EV sales, with more than 200,000 buyers in 2020, about 80 percent of the current market. But pickup trucks rule the American road. The top three trucks alone, the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500—America’s best-selling models of any vehicle type—found nearly two million customers even in a COVID-stricken 2020. With pickups and SUVs together hogging a record 76 percent of a total 14.5 million sales in 2020, EV makers have gotten the memo, writ large: Tiny EVs are out. Big-and-burly is in. The plug-in pickup race includes Tesla, General Motors, and Ford, the latter two now vowing to swiftly electrify their fleets. It’s a competition with the potential to save billions of gallons of gasoline and diesel every year, between pickups’ ubiquity and their fuel-slurping ways.
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  • Originally published March 24, 2021