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Video: Announcing the Canoo Truck

EV startup Canoo takes the wraps off their multifunctional truck platform.

Video: The Real Reason We Don't Have Flying Cars | Carsplainers

For over a century, engineers and automakers have explored the concept of flying cars. We've seen endless examples and been led to believe they were just around the corner. So where are the flying cars and taxis we've been promised?

YouTube: GM Extended Superbowl Commercial

Will Ferrel and crew attempt to take on the entire country of Norway.

YouTube: How NASA Built The Future Tire

The Donut Media crew discuss how NASA designed tires using the "memory metal" nitinol.

YouTube: General Motors EV future reveal presentation

General Motors' CES 2021 keynote with the company's CEO Mary Barra.

YouTube: Roborace | Autonomous Racing | Powered by ARRIVAL

Roborace is the world’s first competition for teams developing self-driving AI.

Video: Introducing the Canoo Canvas Series

"We’re kicking off the Canoo Canvas Series, and teaming up with artists all over the US to create one-of-a-kind Canoo vehicles."

YouTube: Nuro's R2 on the Road

In 2020, Nuro's R2 began navigating city streets in California, Texas, and Arizona. Fully autonomously. No driver, no occupant, no chase car.

YouTube: ARRIVAL 1st look - is this Britain's Rivian?

Fully Charged visits the Arrival R&D headquarters in Britian to chat with Chief of Product Patrick Bionto about their upcoming electric delivery van platform.

Inside Look At New Car Company Canoo - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay gets an exclusive inside look into the cars and factory at Canoo!

Video: How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Cities and Our Lives [2017]

Jeff Schneider's TEDxCMU presentation covers the next amazing way artificial intelligence will allow us to reinvent our lives: through self-driving cars.

Video: George Hotz: Fully Self-Driving Cars Are a 'Scam' and Silicon Valley 'Needs To Die'

The hacking wunderkind thinks Big Tech's approach won't work. He built a $999 autonomous driving system that runs on a smartphone.

Video: Driverless Cars: breaking the fundamental rule of real estate [2017]

Paige Marie Pitcher takes to the TEDxOgden stage to talk about cars without drivers and cities without parking.

Video: Is Your City for People or Cars? | Cornelia Dinca | TEDxJacksonville [2016]

Engineer and urban planner Cornelia Dinca talks about transforming urban environments into places of discovery and joy that foster feelings of community and empowerment.

Video: Cars Almost Killed Our Cities, But Here's How We Can Bring Them Back | Gabe Klein | TEDxMidAtlantic [2017]

Our cities are making us – and the planet – sick, and the problem lies in the automobile, which has taken over how we live and use space. Thankfully, new technology like autonomous vehicles and 3D printing has opened the door for us to bring our cities back from the brink.

Lex Fridman, MIT Self-Driving Car Researcher, Discusses the #Masks4All movement

We can slow the spread of coronavirus using homemade DIY masks.

Video: Can Self-Driving Cars Learn Depth Perception?

Two Minute Papers discusses a recent paper showing how unsupervised learning can be used to train models to accurately predict 3D depth maps from 2D video samples.

Video: Waymo Is Failing

Waymo has partnered with Transdev to hire a fleet of drivers for its 'robotaxi' network.

Anca Dragan: Human-Robot Interaction and Reward Engineering

Waymo Engineer Anca Dragan on AI Podcast #81 with Lex Fridman

Video: Porsche shows autonomous driving in the Workshop

Porsche demonstrated how autonomous driving can be used in the workshop on a test field on the company’s premises in Ludwigsburg.

Video: How to Build a Self-driving RC Car

Talk by Bert Jan Schrijver at GOTO 2019 Berlin.

Video: MIT Self-Driving Cars: State of the Art (2019)

Introductory lecture of the MIT Self-Driving Cars series by Lex Fridman.