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New Hyundai division to develop walking cars and other extreme mobility vehicles

Could a real-life AT-AT from 'Star Wars' be a possibility?

Hyundai’s latest EV concept is a visual mash-up of Model 3, Porsche 911, and Mercedes EQS

Hyundai's Prophecy concept is a showcase of vehicle features that will be offered in the not-too-distant future.

Hyundai Prophecy EV Concept is a rolling air purifier piloted by joystick

New details, photos, videos from designer Luc Donkerwolke.

German aviation startup jumps into the UAM industry

We can welcome another German aviation startup into the urban air mobility called e.SAT.

Infiniti Prepares for a Fancy, Electric Future With a Sleek New Concept

The newly unveiled Prototype 10 has just one seat, needs no fuel, and is a sign of where the cars of the future are headed.

Hyundai Writes Its Own Prophecy with Concept EV

Hyundai has revealed an electric concept that it's calling the Prophecy, and it's smooth and aerodynamic in line with the company's new design language.

Future cars: Relaxing in the Audi AI:ME

Urban, electric, stylish — in Shanghai, Audi is presenting its latest show car: the Audi AI:ME. This time, design development was focused squarely on the interior.

The Story Behind Lotus Design And The Electric Hypercar Evija Effect

Lotus engineers will hand build small-edition specialist cars, starting with the exciting $2.1m Evija electric hypercar