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First Model Y Commissioned as Police Vehicle in New York

The vehicle will save the department nearly $10,000 in fuel costs over the next 5 years.

The Totem GT Is A 20th Century Beauty Reborn With An Electric Heart

Inspired by the timelessly beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA of the ’60s, electric cars have never looked so good.

Alpha Motor Corporation unveils Ace electric coupe

The cute urban runabout EV comes from a California startup.

VW CEO reveals ‘Mission T’ to ‘catch up with Tesla’ as he faces vote of confidence

In a new blog post called “How we transform Volkswagen,” the executive revealed in more detail how he and his team have been leading this effort.

EV startup Lordstown and RV seller Camping World are partnering to create the first fully electric RV in the US

The eRV will be affordable, especially for millennials, which Camping World chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis called the future of the RV industry.

The CEO of a Bill Gates-backed battery startup explains how his breakthrough solid-state system could finally make EVs affordable

QuantumScape believes it has developed solid-state batteries that offer better performance, durability, and energy-density that the lithium-ion cells used in today's phones, laptops, and electric vehicles.

Open for Delivery: EV startup Canoo releases its Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle

Based on a single skateboard platform, Canoo has designed an infinitely configurable vehicle "for the people". The price? Just $33k.

Electric Cars Closing In on Gas Guzzlers as Battery Costs Plunge

Annual BNEF battery survey finds prices near tipping point.

Tesla Cybertruck design issues explained by legendary auto designer

Over a year since its release, the Cybertruck continues to polarize.