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How to drive winning battery-electric-vehicle design: Lessons from benchmarking ten Chinese models

Our analysis of the Chinese battery-electric-vehicle market revealed important clues for OEMs that want to thrive in this sector.

This self-driving startup built a “car without wheels” for remote driving

Voyage pulled the curtain back on its system for remote driving.

Universities and Tech Giants Back National Cloud Computing Project

A proposal to give scientists access to huge data sets and powerful computers.

An understanding of AI’s limitations is starting to sink in

After years of hype, many people feel AI has failed to deliver, says Tim Cross.

MIT’s tiny artificial brain chip could bring supercomputer smarts to mobile devices

A new paper by MIT researchers describes a new type of artificial brain synapse, printed directly on a chip that’s smaller than a single piece of confetti.

PandaSet: Public large-scale dataset for autonomous driving provided by Hesai & Scale.

PandaSet enables researchers to study challenging urban driving situations using the full sensor suit of a real self-driving-car.

The story of cheaper batteries, from smartphones to Teslas

The economics of cheaper batteries—and why they're good news for the planet.

Elon Musk says Tesla's 'full self-driving' option will get more expensive - again - on July 1

The full self-driving package will increase in price by $1,000, to $8,000.

OpenAI Finds Machine Learning Efficiency Is Outpacing Moore’s Law

Researchers have begun tracking a new measure for machine learning efficiency that shows AI has been getting more efficient at a wicked pace

Video: Is Your City for People or Cars? | Cornelia Dinca | TEDxJacksonville [2016]

Engineer and urban planner Cornelia Dinca talks about transforming urban environments into places of discovery and joy that foster feelings of community and empowerment.